Ruca Rebordao is an internationally acclaimed percussionist from Angola, a master of the Berimbau, who possesses a broad understanding of the music and rhythms from everywhere in the world. He has worked with many musical luminaries including Sadao Watanabe, Alejandro Sanz, Rão Kyao, Madredeus, Paulo de Carvalho, António Chainho, Mariza, Melody Gardot, Ivan Lins, Fafá de Belém, and is a fixture on the Lisboa music scene. Ruca is also a principal of an exciting new company “Ampla Portugal”, managing and supporting local musicians throughout the Lusofone world. On Lisboa Íntima, Ruca is featured on Ler Devagar, O Que Estriga Tenho Na Roca and Jose Embala O Menino.