Explorers Concert, a Celebration of George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue

2024 Gala Concert & Dinner

North Country Chamber Players – 2024 Summer Performance Season Program Details

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American Masters, featuring Branford Marsalis, saxophone

July 13 @ 4 PM    OMNI Resort Mount Washington, Bretton Woods
July 14 @ 4 PM    Mountain View Grand Resort, Whitefield

Saxophonist Branford Marsalis is an avatar of musical excellence.  A three-time Grammy Award winner, he has been nominated for a Tony and an EMMY, as a composer, and was recognized as a Jazz Master by the National Endowment for the Arts.  An ensemble player extraordinaire, he joins the North Country Chamber Players for a program of music by American Masters, old and new, from George Gershwin to Valerie Coleman.

Prodigy – Mozart and Mendelssohn, featuring Bernhard Scully, horn

July 20 @ 4 PM     Dow Pavilion, Franconia
July 21 @ 4 PM     Dow Pavilion, Franconia

Mozart and Mendelssohn are considered the two greatest prodigies in the history of western music. One might argue who was the greater early talent, since they both composed pieces before their 20th birthdays that are still mainstays of the classical repertoire, but there can be no dispute that, during their brief lifetimes, they both penned some of the most beautiful and compelling music ever written.

Masterpiece – Shostakovich Piano Quintet

July 27 @ 4 PM     Sugar Hill Meeting House, Sugar Hill
July 28 @ 4 PM     Mountain View Grand Resort, Whitefield

 Today, we define a masterpiece as a creation, done with extraordinary skill, that has received much critical praise; a supreme intellectual and artistic achievement. The Piano Quintet of Dmitri Shostakovich checks all those boxes and more. From the massive Bach-like opening Prelude and Fugue, to the fantastic scherzo, the surprising Intermezzo and the breezy, uplifting Finale, Shostakovich maintains a clarity of texture and form that is nothing short of brilliant.

Summer Serenade

August 3 @ 4 PM     OMNI Resort Mount Washington, Bretton Woods
August 4 @ 4 PM     Mountain View Grand Resort, Whitefield

The earliest serenades were usually sung at night to express love and devotion. This tradition continued through the Baroque and Classical periods, but really reached its pinnacle with the sophisticated multi-movement works of the Romantic era performed for larger audiences.  In Brahms’ Serenade in D, he channels Mozart, Haydn and Schubert, but never sets aside his own Romantic sensibilities. This expansive, jubilant, song-like, somber,  stately and galloping piece is contrasted on the program by Carl Nielsen’s humorous Serenata in vano.

The Glory of Bach – Brandenburg Concertos, featuring Kenneth Weiss, harpsichord

August 10 @ 4 PM     Dow Pavilion, Franconia
August 11 @ 4 PM     Dow Pavilion, Franconia

Three hundred years after they were written, Bach’s Six Concertos for multiple instruments stand as a monument of instrumental music.  During the Baroque Era, for the wealthy, the Concerto Grosso was a popular music genre.  Trying to capitalize, Bach probably wrote this set of pieces as a job application, which failed miserably. 150 years later, they became known as the Brandenburg Concertos, several of which were not performed in major capitals, like London or Paris, until the early 20th century.

The North Country Chamber Players have adopted a “Pay-What-You-Wish” ticket pricing for concerts.
Seating is limited, so attendees are asked to make free online reservations.
The recommended ticket price is $25, payable at the door, but there is no minimum ticket price required for entry.


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North Country Chamber Players,

White Mountains Music Festival

Recognized as one of New England’s finest musical ensembles for four decades, the North Country Chamber Players combines the talents of principal players from internationally renowned orchestras and chamber groups. Their world-class performances of old and new classics in relaxed and comfortable settings have made the Chamber Players a fixture of northern New Hampshire’s cultural scene.

“One of the outstanding cultural resources
in the state of New Hampshire”
– NH State Council on the Arts

“A sophisticated group of experienced, passionate,
focused, and obviously talented musicians”
– Boston Musical Intelligencer

Artist Members: Ronnie Bauch, violin; Ah Ling Neu, viola; Chris Finckel, cello; Donald Palma, double bass; Susan Palma-Nidel, flute; Allen Blustine, clarinet; Bernard Rose, piano; Joel Timm, lecturer; Kemp Jernigan, oboe; Bernhard Scully, horn.



”Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast. To soften rocks, or bend the knotted oak.” –Playwright William Congreve


Music enriches our lives. It provides opportunities for joy and self-expression, fosters a sense of community, enhances creative capability and is a therapeutic outlet for stress and tension release.

FROM DIVERSITY COMES HARMONY AND BEAUTY For over 45 years, the North Country Chamber Players have been inclusive and collaborative. While we practice our instruments individually, our success has always rested on our ability to mesh our perspectives into one collaboration. Music shows us that differences can be transformed into an harmonic piece.


For over four decades the musicians of the North Country Chamber Players have been performing inspiring musical programs for audiences across the North Country, and introducing area children to music appreciation in school programs, all of which are available to everyone.