North Country Chamber Players,

White Mountains Music Festival

Recognized as one of New England’s finest musical ensembles for four decades, the North Country Chamber Players combines the talents of principal players from internationally renowned orchestras and chamber groups. Their world-class performances of old and new classics in relaxed and comfortable settings have made the Chamber Players a fixture of northern New Hampshire’s cultural scene.

“One of the outstanding cultural resources
in the state of New Hampshire”
– NH State Council on the Arts

“A sophisticated group of experienced, passionate,
focused, and obviously talented musicians”
– Boston Musical Intelligencer

Artist Members: Ronnie Bauch and Miki-Sophia Cloud, violins; Ah Ling Neu, viola; Chris Finckel, cello; Donald Palma, double bass; Susan Palma-Nidel, flute; Allen Blustine, clarinet; Bernard Rose, piano; Joel Timm, lecturer; Kemp Jernigan, oboe; Bernhard Scully, horn.


First and most important, we hope you’re safe and well in these difficult times.

Here at NCCP we’re looking to the future as we imagine you are: with a mix of hope and trepidation. Due to the coronavirus we deeply regret not being able to move ahead with our annual Spring Gala.

We still hope to be able to bring you part of the 2020 White Mountains Music Festival with outdoor, open-air concerts from late-July to mid-August. But we want to assure you we’ll go forward only if we’re able to do so safely: the health and well-being of our Supporters and the Players is paramount.

Meanwhile, as we continue to shelter in the safety of home, we thought you might enjoy a few of the Players’ virtuoso performances on our website. To access these pieces, just copy this link in your browser: We hope you’ll enjoy them as you watch spring take its first
tentative steps in the North Country.

Stay safe and well!

Mike Girouard, President of the Board
Joyce Petkovich, Executive Director
Ronnie Bauch, Artistic Director

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The North Country Chamber Players sincerely thank the following:


Your support has continued to allow us to offer music lessons, public school residency programs, and so much more.


No matter how many concerts I have been involved in over the years, I continue to be inspired by the extraordinary power of music to transport us, seemingly instantaneously, through centuries, across oceans and continents, and to emotional places and imaginary fantasies that are difficult, if not impossible, to reach by any other means.

I am happy to report that this Summer’s programs read like a ‘bucket list’ of desirable destinations. On any given weekend, our listeners will find themselves enjoying the sunny cafes of Lisbon and Madrid, visiting a Venetian Palace in the Piazza San Marco, attending a musical at the Mendelssohn family’s parlor in Leipzig, reveling at a dance festival in a rustic Carpathian Mountains village, or marveling at the astonishing imaginings of geniuses like William Shakespeare, Walt Disney, or Alfred Hitchcock.

As musicians, we are constantly trying to improve our abilities to illuminate and facilitate these adventures, often calling upon colleagues, near and far away, to help us with this process. This summer, we also remember and celebrate one such colleague, Kendall Betts, with whom we shared so many past journeys, familiar and exotic, physical and spiritual, whose passion for music and life were nothing short of extraordinary.

– Ronnie Bauch



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